When you have a question it’s nice to know you can get an answer. You are our customer and you have the right to know everything about doing business with us before placing an order. We want you to feel quite comfortable E-mailing us or calling on our toll free number any time you have a question. But to make things even simpler we are identifying many of the questions our customers have frequently asked and hopefully you may find the answer by scanning the following FAQ’s.

    POSTALSTUFF.COM is owned by Postalstuff, LLC and is located in Logan, Ohio. Our company is privately owned and has postal customers in all fifty states and on military bases around the world.
  2. I thought you were a part of N. Wasserman & Company.
    We were originally a development of N. Wasserman & Co., Inc., but now a totally dedicated business to the postal community. All of the same friendly faces and voices are still here to assist you.
  3. Aren’t you the uniform people?
    No. We do not sell postal uniforms but one of the original founders, Nancy Wasserman, worked for many years in her family’s business, Wasserman Uniform Company, before breaking away to start N. Wasserman & Co. That is why the name sounds so familiar and why we have such a close relationship with the postal community.
  4. Do you have a store I can visit?
    Not a true retail store, but we do have many postal workers stop by to see our operation. Primarily we are in the apparel decorating and logo product business so most of our 12,000 square foot facility is dedicated to that part of our business. We have a small product display area and throughout the year we do have “Open House” warehouse sales. If you are visiting the Logan, OH area we would love to have you stop by, take a tour and grab some bargains!
  5. If I shop online will you sell my name and address like magazine companies?
    No. Your privacy is your right and our responsibility. We do not sell, trade or share in any way your personal identity, credit card information or shopping habits.
  6. Do you produce logo products for businesses other than the USPS?
    Yes. We supply many corporate clients, large and small, schools, churches and even individuals with custom embroidered and silk-screened clothing and logo products of every description imaginable.


  1. Are your products made in America?
    We offer products from all over the world. Many of our clothing items are sewn in the USA, some are made from USA fabric but assembled offshore and others are imported. Our gift items and logo products are also gathered from American manufacturers and suppliers from around the world. All items at POSTALSTUFF.COM are decorated in the USA and each item is identified as to its point of origin.
  2. Do you sell Union Made clothing?
    Yes. We have provided a link within the apparel section for Union Made clothing items or you can do a search and assemble all the products on our site that are Union Made. If you have a special product need we will do everything possible to locate and decorate a product that meets your specifications.
  3. I don’t work for the Postal Service. Can I buy a shirt with the Postal logo?
    No. We will only sell USPS logo apparel to postal employees, their spouse or a recently retired postal employee. We require employment verification for all orders of Postal logo apparel.
  4. I looked all through the site but didn’t find what I’m looking for, what should I do?
    There are literally 10’s of thousands of apparel items and other promotional products that can be decorated with the Postal logo. We source our products from thousands of suppliers. Call us and describe what you are looking for and the odds are we will be able to get the item. Many items may require minimum quantity purchases, however, so not all items are available by the single piece if decorated with a company logo.


  1. How will you ship my order?
    Our first choice is to ship by USPS Priority Mail.
  2. Our Post Office is participating in a local community event and we need t-shirts, can you make them for us?
    Yes. We can create a design, take your ideas and turn them into finished art or you can even E-mail your finished art to us. We can screen print t-shirts, sweatshirts, embroider caps…whatever you need we can help with all your special event product needs.
  3. I know you embroider the Postal logo on shirts but can I get the name of our facility and my employees names embroidered too?
    Yes. We custom embroider every order so whatever personalization is required will easily be accomplished to meet your exact requirements.